I generally work with Ebony and Brass with mount options being Imitation Ivory or Boxwood. Having said that I am completely open discussing material and design options if you have something specific in mind. All my work is individually hand made so I can customise any part of the design to exactly what you might be looking for. The only parts I don’t make are the bags (from Lawrence Thompson) and 10 brass screws (8 to hold the bass bar to the stock and 2 for the bass drone clamps).

The prices below are for a fully mounted D set in Ebony, Brass and Imitation Ivory. The prices of half, three quarter and full sets can be reduced by approximately 10% for less elaborate decoration and fewer mounts with no change to the sound of the pipes.

Waiting times are currently just over one year, although I usually get practice sets completed within 4-6 months. A 10% deposit is needed to confirm an order.

Options and Additions

Some of the possible choices available