I generally work with Ebony and Brass with mount options being Imitation Ivory or Boxwood. Having said that I am completely open discussing material and design options if you have something specific in mind. All my work is individually hand made so I can customise any part of the design to exactly what you might be looking for. The only parts I don’t make are the bags (from Lawrence Thompson) and 10 brass screws (8 to hold the bass bar to the stock and 2 for the bass drone clamps).

The prices below are for a fully mounted D set in Ebony, Brass and Imitation Ivory. The prices of half, three quarter and full sets can be reduced by approximately 10% for less elaborate decoration and fewer mounts with no change to the sound of the pipes.

All chanters have blocks left for up to 5 keys. As with all wooden parts, they are rough bored and shaped, then stored for 6 months to allow the wood to settle before final reaming and shaping. 

Drones are similarly rough shaped and left for 6 months. All drones have wooden slides, this means the internal part of the sliding section that fits onto the standing section is wood, not metal as can be found on cheaper styles. Internally all sharp corners are removed and the transition from the wide section to the final part of the bore is shaped with a bullet reamer. The final opening has a slight restriction which aids pitch stability.

Regulators are reeded with spruce to aid stability

Waiting times are currently just over one year, although I usually get practice sets completed within 4-6 months. A 10% deposit is needed to confirm an order.

Options and Additions

Some of the possible choices available